LightStim LED Bed

A soothing, natural and non-invasive full-body treatment utilizing the power of LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology.

What is LightStim?

LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Each LightStim device uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. LightStim LED Bed uses LED light therapy for a non-invasive, soothing and gentle treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent pain-relieving process. LED light therapy is also known as red light therapy, low level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation. Relax, listen to music or meditate while enjoying this warm, soothing and restorative treatment.

The values of LightStim

Professional Strength

LightStim LED light therapy devices have been recommended by doctors, and healthcare professionals for 20 years. LightStim is a non-invasive, soothing and gentle treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent pain-relieving process.

Patented Technology

LightStim has advanced NASA’s LED technology to a new level to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths of light. 

FDA Cleared

LightStim LED Bed has been cleared by the FDA to relieve arthritic pain, minor aches and pains, relax muscles, and increase blood circulation.

LEDs are Therapeutic

Each LED or Light Emitting Diode wavelength of light provides unique therapuetic benefits designed to repair and energize every cell in the body. LightStim LED Bed’s has 18,240 LEDs of light red, dark red, infrared and deep infrared.

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Request an appointment

Let us know the day and time that’s best for you—even if it’s this week! If pain doesn’t have to wait for a referral, neither should you.

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Confirm your date

We’ll check our calendar and personally contact you to set an official appointment time. We’ll do our best to see you within 48 hours.

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Meet your therapist

You’ll have a dedicated therapist that listens to your goals, cheers you on, and works directly with you throughout your journey.

Benefits you can enjoy

Trusted health advisors

At Eclipse, we only employ physical therapists who are licensed, thoroughly educated, and highly experienced. You can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

Furthermore, because we understand the link between your success and the quality of the relationship you have with your therapist, we’ll make sure you train with the same therapist every time you visit. By providing ongoing communication, they’ll get to know your goals, accurately track your progression, and plan effective treatment. They’ll also help you navigate treatment decisions and connect you to the appropriate doctors when needed.

Personalized treatment plans

Every injury and instance of pain are as unique as the people they impact. For a recovery plan to be effective, it needs to treat you as an individual and not just as another person with a general injury.

We believe you deserve customized care and that’s why we guarantee you’ll have a personal experience at Eclipse that helps you reach your goals faster. Before stepping into any treatment, we’ll get to know you and perform a thorough assessment. This will allow us to identify your health goals and to build a treatment plan that stays focused on them. And, as you progress, we’ll make sure your plan evolves with you.

Manual therapy

While resistance training, stretching, and electrical modalities are effective, you’ll see the most benefits when your treatment plan includes manual therapy. With this approach, your therapist will use hands-on techniques to accurately diagnose and effectively treat soft tissue and joints.

At Eclipse, we believe in the power of manual therapy to reduce pain, increase your range of motion, improve muscle length, decrease swelling, assist the body in repair, and facilitate movement. You won’t just receive a piece of paper that outlines exercises for you to do. Instead, you’ll have the direct attention and insights of our highly-skilled therapists.

Virtual visits (telehealth)

Pain and injuries (and world-wide pandemics) are never planned. When one of these things sneaks up on you, how can you conveniently get great therapy? Thankfully, with modern technology, you don’t have to physically visit our office.

We’re now providing virtual visits that allow you to get assessed and treated from the comfort of home (or even from your hotel room if you’re out of town or travel a lot). Just need a periodic checkup or changes to your current home program? We can do that through virtual visits too. No matter your situation, our licensed therapists will be available to work with you through a secure online video chat.

Just request an appointment today and let us know you’d like it to be a virtual visit.

Artistic Athletics program

Are you or your student a gymnast, dancer, or cheerleader? Are you dealing with pain that keeps you from performing at the level you desire? If so, we’re here to care for you.

Our Artistic Athletics program is specifically built to serve the unique needs of the active gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader. Run by former level 8, 9, and 10 gymnasts, this program strives to assess and treat you within the context of your sport. Regain your strength, increase your flexibility, and get back to doing what you love. Just request an appointment today and let us know you’d like to book an Artistic Athletics appointment.

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