Artistic Athletics

Specially designed physical therapy for the performing artist

Perfect PT for the artistic athlete

Gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders are amazing athletes. However, they’re a group of athletes who require a very unique blend of strength, flexibility, and balance to stay at peak performance. Our Artistic Athletics program provides this group of athletes expert care in athletic injury management, including treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, and education—all with a thorough understanding of their sport in mind.

Created by former gymnasts who care

Every therapist who works in this program is a former gymnast and has worked with athletes up to the professional level. Not only do they understand your injuries and how to help you recover, but they also understand the passion you have for your sport.

Things you’ll love about the program

  • Athletes at our partner gyms receive on-site care during their normal training sessions
  • On-site assessment during performance leads to more effective treatment solutions
  • Working with PTs who understand the athlete’s mindset, injury, and return-to-sport situation
  • Ongoing communication between athletes, parents, coaches, and PTs to build effective return-to-sport plans
  • Access to our group of local preferred providers who have practiced and have experience in the sport
  • We’ll help you book appointments with these providers and be a part of ongoing conversations

What parents are saying

“Eclipse’s Artistic Athletics program is what enabled my daughter to continue to practice her sport safely—all while still recovering from her injury! They provided us with great tips, exercises, and skills to use not only for recovery but also for her long-term strength and injury prevention.”

“The staff is kind and caring. My daughter asked Talia to look at something unrelated to the injury being treated and within hours Talia sent me the names of Orthopedists. I chose the best location and received a call from their office the very next morning to make an appointment. Unbelievable!”

“What impressed me the most was the communication. They always replied promptly to any questions I had regarding my daughter’s progress. I also love that they’re former gymnasts. My daughter always commented that Talia just “gets it” because she understands what they’re going through.”

What coaches are saying

“It’s comforting to know that our gymnasts are under the professional PT care of the Artistic Athletics program right here in our own gym. As former gymnasts, they have specific knowledge of the skills, drills, and exercises that are safe to perform while recovering. Under their watchful eye, we have minimized return injuries.”

Elaine Jewart
Owner of Jewart’s Gymnastics

“I would say that Artistic Athletics is one of the most important features that we offer in our gym. They have expert knowledge of physical therapy as it applies to the gymnast. This knowledge has helped keep my team physically safer and has provided the pathway for parents to get their child the RIGHT care when necessary.”

Lindsey Stancil
Owner of X-Cel Gymnastics

Some of the services we offer

Free screening

Have you found yourself wondering, “Should my child see a doctor, and—if so—which one? Is physical therapy appropriate for them, or would an injury prevention assessment be better? How about sports performance?” If you’re not sure what you need, let us help. We offer a quick, free screening to determine the best course of action for helping your child achieve their goals.

PT evaluation and treatment

Get a full physical therapy evaluation after an injury, following surgery, or because of the presence of chronic pain. We’ll follow the evaluation up with physical therapy treatment sessions. This can be billed through your insurance or cash/self-pay rates. No prescription required!

Return-to-sport package

This is perfect for the athlete that’s finished physical therapy treatment, hasn’t returned fully to their sport, and doesn’t need a full, formal physical therapy treatment. This athlete may just need taping, home program review, and ongoing guidance. We provide this guidance through skill progression based on the results of functional testing and in-gym/in-studio performance.

Maintenance package

This is perfect for the athlete who is significantly improved, but who may still need some physical therapy due to residual symptoms or functional limitations. This is also good for athletes who’s PT visits may be limited, no longer covered, or who’s period of treatment without a prescription from a doctor has expired. The package includes manual, hands-on treatment and taping as needed, along with home exercise program progression.

Manual therapy package

Just looking for help with recovery or miscellaneous aches and pains? This package may include instrument-assisted soft-tissue massage, soft-tissue release techniques, compression wrapping, joint mobilization, and cupping to assist with problem areas.

Gymnastics injury prevention assessment

Individual assessment

This full-body assessment includes an orthopedic assessment and a review of systems. The purpose is to identify any problem areas that may be at risk for injury before they happen, as well as to prescribe the appropriate course of action. This may include referral to an appropriate physician (e.g., orthopedic, rheumatologic), nutritionist, or strength and conditioning coach.

Team gymnastics assessment

This a comprehensive wellness program that assesses flexibility, strength, stability, spine health, biomechanics, and the sport-specific motion demands of the entire gymnastics team. Please contact us for more information if you’re interested.

Sports performance training

Get connected with Mark Freeman, a former elite gymnast who provides gymnastics specific sports performance training. His method specifically helps you understand your body better, increase your strength and mobility, consolidate and reinforce your core, and achieve your goals in fitness and health.

You’re in good hands

Dr. Talia Trapuzzano Eubanks

Dr. Talia Trapuzzano Eubanks


Talia has over 20 years of PT experience, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and is an Athletic Trainer. As an avid fitness fan and former level 10 gymnast, Talia specializes in helping gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders recover and get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Rebecca Campbell

Dr. Rebecca Campbell


Rebecca has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and she’s also a Sports Certified Specialist. As a former level eight gymnast and collegiate rower, Rebecca’s goal is to use her athletic experience and knowledge of physical therapy to help other athletes get back to the sport they love.

Stephanie Straub

Stephanie Straub


Stephanie graduated in 2002 with her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. Growing up as a competitive level nine gymnast, Stephanie has the experience, knowledge, and passion needed to help athletes heal appropriately. She’s also a wife and mother to three.

How to start working with us

Athletes and their families

If you’re an athlete or the parent of an athlete who’s performance is being limited by injury or pain, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. Our greatest reward is getting you back to 100%. To schedule an appointment, simply:

  • Visit our appointment request page and fill out our form
  • Be sure to select that you want an Artistic Athletics appointment
  • Tell us all about your situation

We’ll contact you to set up your free initial assessment.

Gyms and coaches

If you’re interested to know more about our program or how to become one of our official partner gyms/studios, let’s start a conversation. We’d love to tell you more about what we do, as well as answer any questions you have. To reach us, simply:

  • Visit our contact page and fill out our form
  • Be sure to select “Our Artistic Athletics program” as the subject
  • Tell us about your gym and why you’d like to partner with us

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